4 Main Activities

Nichiran Silvernet ‘s activities are based on the following;

1. Collecting and giving information 2.Mutual Communication 3. Establishing various activities of the Help & Care Team 4.Finding possibilities for a nursing home for the aged Japanese in NL.

1. Collecting and giving information of the welfare of the aged both in The Netherlands and Japan

The information about pension schemes, insurance and nursing care systems in The Netherlands will be given. We will also help you take the necessary steps and introduce you to persons with relevant experience, when using these systems. You also receive information of those in Japan for the people who may return in their old age. We have books and videos about the nursing care and give you interesting and useful information through Nichiran Silvernet news letters.

2. Mutual Communication

Lots of people are enjoying communicating with each other through Nichiran Silvernet.
We have tea parties, telephone networks, general meetings, our own library, bazaar, study groups and many other enjoyable events.

* General Meetings
We hold 2 general meetings a year. At the first meeting we have the financial and activities reports of the previous year.
During the second meeting the activities we have in that year are discussed. These meetings are good opportunities for members to get together and exchange ideas.
Please feel free to take part.

* Tea meeting, New Year's lunch party and Study group
“A good neighbor is better than a distant friend.”
In order to optimise communication amongst members in each district, we arrange tea meetings in the west ( Amstelveen ) and in the east ( Arnhem area ). They are held every month except the months where we hold general activities

We have a joint New Year's lunch party every year.

The South area group( Eindhoven area ) started its activities in June, 2006.

Should you be interested in these events, please refer to the “event calendar” section for more details

* Net work by phone

We will contact the aged people living alone by phone. This telephone network for checking on health conditions or for simply enjoying a chat is called: ' Ogenkidesuka (how are you ?)

* Library
You can borrow new Japanese books from our library. With cooperation of volunteers and fellow members ,new books are slowly increasing. At present we have this kind of library only in the west. We plan to have this service in other districts as well.

3. Establishing the activities of the Help and Care Team

Some members of Nichiran Silvernet have Japanese or Dutch nursing qualifications. This team is now in preparation to give extra service in the Japanese language alongside the service received from the Dutch nursing care. We plan to support Japanese not only at home, but also at nursing homes in the future.
We aim to offer various kinds of care by qualified members, and by supporters who have taken courses and by volunteerst.
Making a network among Japanese to cover the whole of The Netherlands is not easy, so we try to introduce our goal to a wide audience and count on many people to participate and co-operate with us with the various activities.

4. Investigation into the feasibility of obtaining a facility for the aged Japanese in The Netherlands.

We aim to open a home for the aged Japanese members.
The details are still under investigation.
The various types of facilities in The Netherlands can be divided into three main groups;
* Nursing home for the aged with care
* Apartment for the aged
* Living in group
We are researching information about such kinds of institutions and plan to find a suitable one through sending out questionnaires, etc.
Some ideas brought forward are ;
a plan to reuse an existing house for the aged, a plan to organize the group living
among aged Japanese, etc. When the number of the aged people increases , the possibilities will increase. We sometimes organize a tour to the existing institutions for aged.
We hope to reach our goal of getting suitable locations for the aged Japanese in The Netherlands and count on the support from many areas.

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