Background /History

* The Japanese women's association in The Hague (Kazaguruma) began to take an interest in the care service of aged Japanese living in the Netherlands.

* They appealed to the Japanese living in the Netherlands for the need of such a service through ' KAWARABAN ', the journal of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. ( 2002,11, 12 2003,1,2)

*In February 2003, Nichiran Silvernet was established by 4 officers with the support of 2 advisers: Drs.A.Millenaar and his wife, Mrs. Masako Iwasaki (who are experts inwelfare)
The consul of the Japanese Embassy at that time became the board (推薦委員) and later helped to send outquestionnaires to the Japanese aged people in the Netherlands.

* September,2003 The first general meeting was held and the organization took a more formal form.

* September, 2004 The members increased in number and our activities became more substantial with seven officers. 

* April, 2006 Nichiran Silvernet was established as a foundation.

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