Background /History

- The Japanese women's association in The Hague (Kazaguruma) began to take an interest in the care service of Japanese elderly living in the Netherlands.

- The appeal was made to the Japanese living in the Netherlands for the need of such a service through 'KAWARABAN', the journal of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce (issued Nov/Dec 2002, #176).

- In February 2003, Nichiran Silvernet was established with the help of volunteers who responded to the appeal. The organization was set up by four board members, with Drs. A. Millenaar and his wife, Mrs. Masako Iwasaki, as advisers. The consul of the Japanese Embassy at the time became the councillor.

- In September 2003, the first general meeting was held and the organization took a more formal form.

- In September 2004, the members increased in number.

- In April 2006, Nichiran Silvernet was registered as a foundation.

- In February 2008, Nichiran Silvernet celebrated her 5 year anniversary. A commemoration booklet was published.

- In August 2013, Nichiran Silvernet held a party to celebrate her 10th anniversary. A commemoration booklet was published.
- In September 2017, Nichiran Silvernet celebrated her 15th anniversary.
-In October 2018, a testimonial was given to Nichiran Silvernet by His Excellency Mr. Hiroshi Inomata, Ambassador of Japan to the Netherlands, for her activity to promote the mutual understandings and friendship between the Netherlands and Japan.


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