Nichiran Silvernet Foundation

Introducing the Society working for the aged Japanese in the Netherlands

Have you ever felt uneasy of getting older in a foreign country ?
     * Your taste for Japanese food has become stronger as you get older despite living several years abroad.
    * You are anxious about the language and the meals at a Dutch nursing home .
     * You are concerned about living alone after losing your partner when you grow old.
     * What would become of your old-age pension and medical security ?

Wouldn't you think it would be helpful if you belong to the organization which would get in touch with you whenever you want it to ?

Nichiran Silvernet Foundation aims to build the mutual aid system so that Japanese in the Netherlands may live as comfortable as possible.

At present, we have 147 members, including various generations, from 20's to 80's, from all over the Netherlands.
    If you have interest in enjoying Japanese dishes and having Japanese conversations in your senior age.
     If you have qualifications or experiences for the care
     If you are willing to help the aged on a voluntary basis.
Or if you simply are curious and want to have a look at the society to see what it is like.


Chairperson      : Chieko van Santen tel: 070-511 52 73
Secretary         : Masami Kita-Geerlings
Treasurer         : Mayumi Takahashi
Help&Care        : Akemi Vellinga
Event Organizer : Akira Matsumoto
RSIN                : 8158.68.236

Whats New

2014.12.01   Renewal Open

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