Yearly Activity Report and Financial Report


Financial Report (2012.09~2013.08)

Financial Report (2012.09-2013.08)

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Financial Report  2013/09/28  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2012.09~2013.08)

September 2012 – August 2013

September                     The 1st Committee meeting, small tea party with a mini concert

October                           The 18th Annual General Meeting, the 2nd Committee meeting      

November                      The 3rd Committee meeting, Skype workshop

December                       Bazaar preparation committee meeting,

10 years Anniversary Meeting (round-table talk of the committee members, featured in the 10th Anniversary Special Edition Bulletin) 

January                            New Year’s Reception

February                          The 4th Committee meeting, Bazaar preparation committee meeting,

                                            Lecture series 1. ‘Euthanasia’

March                               Lecture series 2. ‘Anti-aging Brain’              

April                                   Lecture series 3. ‘Housing project for elderly people’, the 5th Committee meeting

May                                   The 5th Bazaar & Japan Day

June                                  The 6th Committee meeting


August                              The 10th Anniversary Celebration Party





The bulletins #24, #25 and The 10th Anniversary Special Edition

Members Directly

10th Anniversary booklets in English and Japanese

Newsletters #1 to #8



Other activities

Various activities organized by Junior team, Third Friday group, Hobby groups, Regional Groups (South, East, West)


Help & Care services, Dutch language support service, Telephone service ogenki-desuka (“How are you doing?”), IT support service, Mutual support, Library service

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Yearly Activity Report  2013/09/01  Staff

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