Yearly Activity Report and Financial Report


Financial Report (2011.09~2012.08)

>Financial Report (2011.09-20012.08)

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Financial Report  2012/10/10  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2011.09~2012.08)


(1) September    The 2st committee meeting
(2) October    The 17th general meeting, 70+ meeting
(3) November    Cooking lesson
(4) January    New year's party
(5) February    The 3rd committee meeting, Making rice cake lesson, Kimono dressing workshop
(6) March    Minaminokai Tea ceremony
(7) April    "Single club" kick-off meeting, Lunch meeting
(8) May    The 4th committee meeting, Lunch meeting
(9) June    Lunch & idea exchanging meeting, 80 old birthday party, Lunch meeting

    The bulletins #22, #23 and the special one published.
    Dutch support service
    Visiting sick members, Call of condolence
    Hobby clubs

    The number of members is 135.


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Yearly Activity Report  2012/09/01  Staff

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