Yearly Activity Report and Financial Report


Financial Report (2009.09~2010.08)

Financial Report (2009.09~2010.08)

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Financial Report  2010/10/06  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2009.09~2010.08)

Committee members’ tasks are increasing and due to this one member has had to resign and we had to replace with a new committee member. Nevertheless with great efforts we continue to work looking for the own space, planning many events etc. 

Total members are 117. We have many new active members even though some of our existing members had to leave due to moving to another country. 

Our magazines have a new name AJISAI (hydrangea) and the editing staffs grow from 3 to 7 people.


September: We had a new activity:  Idea Exchanging meeting starts.  Each time with a few members, we discuss a new idea/opinion, this is so our committee members have an opportunity to follow up on what members are requesting. We had our 15th general meeting and we reported the previous years activity and financial situation. Sadly we had to announce about difficulties of having our own space.


October: There were a lunch meeting, a Karaoke evening, visiting Yakurt factory and a lecture about caring for elderly people.


November:  2nd committee meeting to prepare a New Year party. Video watching.


January: Unfortunately the New Year Party was cancelled due to bad weather.  Make- up lecture and the Japanese traditional rice ball making party were held.


February: With a trustee (a consul of Japanese Embassy), adviser (a Dutch consultant) and an observer (committee of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands), there was a steering committee meeting.


March: Workshop for keeping health, a speech of Consul, and 2nd make-up lecture are held.


April: Panel discussion with experienced members caring for the elderly people and Shiatsu workshop were very appreciated by participants.  Joined the Sakura Festival.


May: 2nd Idea Exchanging meeting was very successful with many opinions of newly joined members.  Several hobby clubs started and we expect members to join so they interact more closely.  This will help with creating good relationships amongst the organization.

We participated in the Japan Markt in Leiden. 

In the 4th committee meeting (last one of this year), we decided to have a general meeting only once at the beginning of a year, and will have a more friendly meeting in the end of a year with provided lunch.


June: As we planned at the committee meeting, the first friendly lunch meeting happened to be on the same day as World Soccer Match between Japan and Holland.


July:  In the south area, a wine-tasting meeting was held.

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Yearly Activity Report  2010/09/01  Staff

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