Yearly Activity Report and Financial Report


Financial Report (2008.09~2009.08)

Financial Report (2008.09-2009.08)

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Financial Report  2009/09/23  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2008.09~2009.08)

At the end of the year we had a total number of 110 members. There were more new events organized and we joined the celebrations of “400th  year commercial relations between Japan and Nederland”.  We also had our Bazaar, which was the biggest event. So all in all it became a very active year.


September: Some members took initiative to raise money by having “Treasure Sale”.


October: The13th general meeting was held and 5th anniversary booklets in Japanese were published and sold. We announced to have been registered at ANBI.  Committee has more supporting members, too.


November: The new events of “meeting to discuss about living alone” and “Dutch document support service” started.  Visit a Jcc committee member to ask their support.


January: A New Year party with Koto performance played by a professional player from Japan.  Emergency contact net work (made by request from Japanese embassy) had its trial. 5th anniversary booklets in English were published to introduce our organization to non-Japanese speaking people.


February: Some members joined the explanation meeting about Japan-Nederland Social Welfare Agreement and reported back to members.

We visited the Elderly Care Home in Amstelveen   and. investigated the possibility of Japanese from other area to enter.  In the South of Holland there was the same interest among members and a visit was made to a care home in the south. A professor of Osaka University approached us to study Dutch Social Welfare and visited us.


March: A new activity started   we investigate how we can care for Japanese parents and relatives who are living some distance away.


April: Joined the cherry festival in Amstelveen and   the Japan day in Leiden. 

We visited the chairladies of the same kind organization as ours in Switzerland.


June: Joined the Japan day of Amstelveen . There was the 3rd very successful Bazaar involved more than 500 Japanese and Dutch people. Visited Yakurt Head office. The 14th general meeting was held reporting the result of Bazaar.


July:  Ms.Kemp of Amstelveen City Office invited us to know what our organization is about and what we do.


August: Committee meeting was held to prepare the next year activity.  Dr.Nakanishi from Switzerland came to give us a medical lecture.


Through this year our magazines #14, #15 and #16 were published and distributed to members with a lot of information.


Total number is 110 members.


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Yearly Activity Report  2009/09/01  Staff

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