Yearly Activity Report and Financial Report


Financial Report (2007.09~2008.08)

Financial Report (2007.09-2008.08)

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Financial Report  2008/09/23  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2007.09~2008.08)

The total number of members is now 93.  We see each year our memberships are increasing. This year we have had a closer relationship with Japanese Embassy so as to receive a new consul at every activity. Members have expressed an  interest into our organization having its own space were we can meet for our various meetings and events.


September: The new consul of Japanese Embassy accepted to become a trustee of our organization, as the previous 2 consuls. At 11th General meeting, we provided members with newly edited PGB and WMO pamphlets. Secretary and Accountant of committee get their assistant.


November: Exercises for keeping the body in a good condition, especially for elderly people was introduced. Every 3rd Friday of a month after 14:00, JCC room becomes available for our free use, and then TV and video are donated in this room.


January:  The new year party and celebration of one of our members who became 80 years old were combined with Shakuhachi performance and a lot of interesting entertainment. With the request of Embassy, we made a contact network of all the members for emergency. This can be used for our emergency help, as the group is set as neighbors.


February: The steering committee meeting with trustee and advisers is set at least once a year. And we had the 1st one in this month and planned to have 5th anniversary party and make the commemorative booklet to show the past activity.


March: Visit a care home at Amsterdam and introduced Japanese culture there. We exercised an emergency contact network to make it smooth.  The 5th anniversary party was held with Drum performance, rice cake making, bingo game etc.


June: The12th General meeting  was held with a new committee member added and introducing a new activity of helping a Japanese to understand Dutch documents.


Our magazines are now regularly distributed 3 times a year with a lot of information. This gives great satisfaction to members, especially those living far away and cannot always attend the many events.

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Yearly Activity Report  2008/09/01  Staff

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