Yearly Activity Report and Financial Report


Financial Report (2006.09~2007.08)

Financial Report (2006.09-2007.08)


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Financial Report  2007/09/07  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2006.09~2007.08)

(1) October    Logo is introduced at the 9th general meeting. A clinical psychologist, our adviser, holds a lecture. The first course of Active Listening Volunteer is completed. Shiatsu lecture is held. Had a meeting with a study tour group of welfare from Kanagawa pref.
(2) January    A New Year lunch party is held with the entertainment of Tsugaru Shamisen
(3) March    Workshop of how to care elderly people guided by qualified members
(4) June    The second bazaar is held receiving about 500 guests with nearly 80 people
s help.
The 10th general meeting is held. Members become 86.

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Yearly Activity Report  2007/09/01  Staff

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