Yearly Activity Report and Financial Report

Yearly Activity Report

Yearly Activity Report (2014.09~2015.08)

2014-2015 Activity Report.pdf

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Yearly Activity Report  2015/10/11  ブログ管理者

Yearly Activity Report (2013.09~2014.08)

Yearly Activity Report (2013.09~2014.08)

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Yearly Activity Report  2014/11/04  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2012.09~2013.08)

September 2012 – August 2013

September                     The 1st Committee meeting, small tea party with a mini concert

October                           The 18th Annual General Meeting, the 2nd Committee meeting      

November                      The 3rd Committee meeting, Skype workshop

December                       Bazaar preparation committee meeting,

10 years Anniversary Meeting (round-table talk of the committee members, featured in the 10th Anniversary Special Edition Bulletin) 

January                            New Year’s Reception

February                          The 4th Committee meeting, Bazaar preparation committee meeting,

                                            Lecture series 1. ‘Euthanasia’

March                               Lecture series 2. ‘Anti-aging Brain’              

April                                   Lecture series 3. ‘Housing project for elderly people’, the 5th Committee meeting

May                                   The 5th Bazaar & Japan Day

June                                  The 6th Committee meeting


August                              The 10th Anniversary Celebration Party





The bulletins #24, #25 and The 10th Anniversary Special Edition

Members Directly

10th Anniversary booklets in English and Japanese

Newsletters #1 to #8



Other activities

Various activities organized by Junior team, Third Friday group, Hobby groups, Regional Groups (South, East, West)


Help & Care services, Dutch language support service, Telephone service ogenki-desuka (“How are you doing?”), IT support service, Mutual support, Library service

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Yearly Activity Report  2013/09/01  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2011.09~2012.08)


(1) September    The 2st committee meeting
(2) October    The 17th general meeting, 70+ meeting
(3) November    Cooking lesson
(4) January    New year's party
(5) February    The 3rd committee meeting, Making rice cake lesson, Kimono dressing workshop
(6) March    Minaminokai Tea ceremony
(7) April    "Single club" kick-off meeting, Lunch meeting
(8) May    The 4th committee meeting, Lunch meeting
(9) June    Lunch & idea exchanging meeting, 80 old birthday party, Lunch meeting

    The bulletins #22, #23 and the special one published.
    Dutch support service
    Visiting sick members, Call of condolence
    Hobby clubs

    The number of members is 135.


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Yearly Activity Report  2012/09/01  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2010.09~2011.08)

    Hobby groups start from the idea meeting of last year.
(1) September    The 1st committee meeting
(2) October    The 16th general meeting, Meeting to discuss living alone,
 The 2nd committee meeting, Movie afternoon
(3) November    Seitai workshop
(4) January    New year's party
(5) February    The 3rd committee meeting, Chiropractic workshop, Movie afternoon
(6) March    Minaminokai Tea ceremony
(7) April    The 4th committee meeting, Senimar "What is organizing?"
(8) May    Senimar "What is organizing?", Bazaar & Japan day
(9) June    Lunch & idea exchanging meeting, Movie afternoon

    The bulletins #20, #21 and the special one published.
    Dutch support service
    Visiting sick members, widows

    The number of members is 124.

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Yearly Activity Report  2011/09/01  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2009.09~2010.08)

Committee members’ tasks are increasing and due to this one member has had to resign and we had to replace with a new committee member. Nevertheless with great efforts we continue to work looking for the own space, planning many events etc. 

Total members are 117. We have many new active members even though some of our existing members had to leave due to moving to another country. 

Our magazines have a new name AJISAI (hydrangea) and the editing staffs grow from 3 to 7 people.


September: We had a new activity:  Idea Exchanging meeting starts.  Each time with a few members, we discuss a new idea/opinion, this is so our committee members have an opportunity to follow up on what members are requesting. We had our 15th general meeting and we reported the previous years activity and financial situation. Sadly we had to announce about difficulties of having our own space.


October: There were a lunch meeting, a Karaoke evening, visiting Yakurt factory and a lecture about caring for elderly people.


November:  2nd committee meeting to prepare a New Year party. Video watching.


January: Unfortunately the New Year Party was cancelled due to bad weather.  Make- up lecture and the Japanese traditional rice ball making party were held.


February: With a trustee (a consul of Japanese Embassy), adviser (a Dutch consultant) and an observer (committee of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands), there was a steering committee meeting.


March: Workshop for keeping health, a speech of Consul, and 2nd make-up lecture are held.


April: Panel discussion with experienced members caring for the elderly people and Shiatsu workshop were very appreciated by participants.  Joined the Sakura Festival.


May: 2nd Idea Exchanging meeting was very successful with many opinions of newly joined members.  Several hobby clubs started and we expect members to join so they interact more closely.  This will help with creating good relationships amongst the organization.

We participated in the Japan Markt in Leiden. 

In the 4th committee meeting (last one of this year), we decided to have a general meeting only once at the beginning of a year, and will have a more friendly meeting in the end of a year with provided lunch.


June: As we planned at the committee meeting, the first friendly lunch meeting happened to be on the same day as World Soccer Match between Japan and Holland.


July:  In the south area, a wine-tasting meeting was held.

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Yearly Activity Report  2010/09/01  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2008.09~2009.08)

At the end of the year we had a total number of 110 members. There were more new events organized and we joined the celebrations of “400th  year commercial relations between Japan and Nederland”.  We also had our Bazaar, which was the biggest event. So all in all it became a very active year.


September: Some members took initiative to raise money by having “Treasure Sale”.


October: The13th general meeting was held and 5th anniversary booklets in Japanese were published and sold. We announced to have been registered at ANBI.  Committee has more supporting members, too.


November: The new events of “meeting to discuss about living alone” and “Dutch document support service” started.  Visit a Jcc committee member to ask their support.


January: A New Year party with Koto performance played by a professional player from Japan.  Emergency contact net work (made by request from Japanese embassy) had its trial. 5th anniversary booklets in English were published to introduce our organization to non-Japanese speaking people.


February: Some members joined the explanation meeting about Japan-Nederland Social Welfare Agreement and reported back to members.

We visited the Elderly Care Home in Amstelveen   and. investigated the possibility of Japanese from other area to enter.  In the South of Holland there was the same interest among members and a visit was made to a care home in the south. A professor of Osaka University approached us to study Dutch Social Welfare and visited us.


March: A new activity started   we investigate how we can care for Japanese parents and relatives who are living some distance away.


April: Joined the cherry festival in Amstelveen and   the Japan day in Leiden. 

We visited the chairladies of the same kind organization as ours in Switzerland.


June: Joined the Japan day of Amstelveen . There was the 3rd very successful Bazaar involved more than 500 Japanese and Dutch people. Visited Yakurt Head office. The 14th general meeting was held reporting the result of Bazaar.


July:  Ms.Kemp of Amstelveen City Office invited us to know what our organization is about and what we do.


August: Committee meeting was held to prepare the next year activity.  Dr.Nakanishi from Switzerland came to give us a medical lecture.


Through this year our magazines #14, #15 and #16 were published and distributed to members with a lot of information.


Total number is 110 members.


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Yearly Activity Report  2009/09/01  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2007.09~2008.08)

The total number of members is now 93.  We see each year our memberships are increasing. This year we have had a closer relationship with Japanese Embassy so as to receive a new consul at every activity. Members have expressed an  interest into our organization having its own space were we can meet for our various meetings and events.


September: The new consul of Japanese Embassy accepted to become a trustee of our organization, as the previous 2 consuls. At 11th General meeting, we provided members with newly edited PGB and WMO pamphlets. Secretary and Accountant of committee get their assistant.


November: Exercises for keeping the body in a good condition, especially for elderly people was introduced. Every 3rd Friday of a month after 14:00, JCC room becomes available for our free use, and then TV and video are donated in this room.


January:  The new year party and celebration of one of our members who became 80 years old were combined with Shakuhachi performance and a lot of interesting entertainment. With the request of Embassy, we made a contact network of all the members for emergency. This can be used for our emergency help, as the group is set as neighbors.


February: The steering committee meeting with trustee and advisers is set at least once a year. And we had the 1st one in this month and planned to have 5th anniversary party and make the commemorative booklet to show the past activity.


March: Visit a care home at Amsterdam and introduced Japanese culture there. We exercised an emergency contact network to make it smooth.  The 5th anniversary party was held with Drum performance, rice cake making, bingo game etc.


June: The12th General meeting  was held with a new committee member added and introducing a new activity of helping a Japanese to understand Dutch documents.


Our magazines are now regularly distributed 3 times a year with a lot of information. This gives great satisfaction to members, especially those living far away and cannot always attend the many events.

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Yearly Activity Report  2008/09/01  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2006.09~2007.08)

(1) October    Logo is introduced at the 9th general meeting. A clinical psychologist, our adviser, holds a lecture. The first course of Active Listening Volunteer is completed. Shiatsu lecture is held. Had a meeting with a study tour group of welfare from Kanagawa pref.
(2) January    A New Year lunch party is held with the entertainment of Tsugaru Shamisen
(3) March    Workshop of how to care elderly people guided by qualified members
(4) June    The second bazaar is held receiving about 500 guests with nearly 80 people
s help.
The 10th general meeting is held. Members become 86.

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Yearly Activity Report  2007/09/01  Staff

Yearly Activity Report (2005.09~2006.08)

The number of members dramatically increased this year with the achievement of 45 to approximately 70 new people.


Activities became more active this year. Also, the registration procedure for the foundation was officially completed; therefore it became a year with an improved image to the outside world.


The establishment of an trustworthy outside image and valuable internal activities by increasing number of members are important subjects for continuing future activities.

New activities for this year were creation of a new home page and the start functioning of the South Netherlands group.

Also held a medical lecture meeting, held a listening volunteer seminar, visiting to aged people's facilities as well and distribution of a booklet about PGB by members.


Start issuing of the traditional Silver net newsletter, holding regional tea parties and a New Year's party became enriching activities.



3 Sep   the 1st meeting of the steering committee



2 Oct  the 7th General meeting (29 participants) – total number of members approximately 45 people

Proposal for establishment of a foundation was passed by common consent.

Approval of prolongation of current officers and joining of Ms Higashi as new officer.

Collected listening volunteers and study students.
* introduced the PGB by using panel (Ms Taira).
15 Oct Dr Shimizu Lecture - total members 55 people from this point
Subject: Health of elderly people

* Almost 50 people joined, including non-members and the lecture there was quite successful in active after questions and -answers.

25 Oct Meeting with Osaka prefecture care group

Meeting of care officials with 20 people in delegations from England and Holland attending.

6 people joined from silver net and Mr Millenaar joined after a luncheon.
30 Oct the 2nd meeting of the steering committee -  the 1st incorporation check
31 Oct             the 1st Listening Volunteer meeting - by Lecturer (Ms Iwasaki)

End of October - Newsletter vol.5 issue



10 Nov            the eastern region tea party - 10 people, both members and non members, gathered and had a discussion about health.

12 Nov            the western region tea party - meeting with welcome to new members

13 Nov            the 3rd meeting of the steering committee
* Incorporation recheck to establish a foundation

Responsible check of activity field

27 Nov - listening volunteer self study session



8 Dec  the eastern region tea party - chat meeting with 7 people participating
10 Dec            the western region tea party - creation of Christmas decoration (12 people joined)
22 Dec            the 4th meeting of the steering committee
* compiled questions to a notary about incorporation.
* discussion about the image of silver net after the establishment of the foundation.



14 Jan  the 2nd New Year potluck lunch party - 60 members at this point
* joined 35 people including consular Mr and Ms Kuwahara.
*enjoyed a glamorous New Year with Koto music and Japanese traditional dance.
End of January - Distributed a booklet to all members regarding PGB

Home page creation starts

We were introduced to Ms Arai, who is living in Tokyo and lends her cooperation in making an authentic home page



7 Feb   The 2nd seminar by a listen volunteer lecturer
11 Feb H&C team the 4th meeting (AM)
5 Feb   Combine meeting with consultant and officer (PM)
12 Feb The western part tea party creation of accessories by using Japanese cloth
15 Feb The southern part start 4 members from Southern part organized
16 Feb The eastern part tea party exchange of opinion what expect to silver net and what kind of  nursing care hopes.
18 Feb Visit to elder members who are living alone by H&C team (as wished)



11 Feb The western part tea party Rembrandt's 400 years anniversary celebration and living experience story in Holland
16 Feb The Eastern part tea party Paint letter class and farewell party for Jo san
20 Feb The 3rd seminar by the listen volunteer lecturer
20 Feb Newsletter vol. 6 issue
25 Feb The 6th steering committee
* Prepare documents and fix a visiting date to notary.
* Report of reform a home page and finishing share work
* Specific proposals by the southern association
* 2 officers and Mr Millenaar visited notary. Signed on foundation registration form.
Established foundation



11 Apr Listening volunteer self study session self seminar
22 Apr The 8th General meeting

25 people joined, announced congratulations message from councillor Mr Kuwahara and consultant Mr Millenaar that foundation was established.

Collected the Silver net logo. Reported activity for the first half and introduced lots of activity plan for the second half.
23 Apr Home page was uploaded
During under construction in 3 month, the home page become online by Ms Arai's guidance.



7 May  30 people joined including non member and intoxicated by the sound of cembalo or piano.
13 May           listening volunteer self study session
20 May           80 years member birthday party
Celebrate with 24 members for Ms Kazato and Mr Namba.
Councillor Mr and Ms Kuwahara and jumped in some guest also joined.
29 May           Elder people's facility Humanitas (Rotterdam) visit

15 people joined. Observed a model facility which is unique and advanced idea worldwide.

It was introducing our newsletter, but several times of actual site tour incluing inside of living space were very helpful.



1 June  the southern area 1st meeting

19 people joined including 5 facilitators. After the meeting 6 people become the member.

This was great progress to stand at the region.
5 Jun   AM: steering committee  joint meeting with Mr Millenaar
PM: The 4th seminar by a listen volunteer lecturer
18 Jun strawberry picking
Become a regular visitor since last year for a biologic farmer De stek in Lelystad. The weather was fine and strawberry was good taste. Also friend ship place with an agriculture student from Japan.
26 Jun Meeting for Horikoshi san
Due to return to Japan suddenly, listen Japanese care information from administrative aspects' point of view.



8 July  Attend a funnel for eternal sleep Mr Engel
Newsletter the 7th issue
Keep watch and track Sakamoto san who is in a hospital for having a brain haemorrhage operation in the end of June.

Make a phone call and send a card to express Mrs Engel's widow.


Expectation of next year's activity

Next year's member is 70 people excluding withdraw member.

call to all member to be joined and young and old people come together.

Responsibility for wording of an article: van Santen



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Yearly Activity Report  2006/09/01  Staff

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